The Secret Ingredient: Tasty Recipes with an Unusual Twist by Gloria Hander Lyons

This unique cookbook includes recipes for using common ingredients in unexpected combinations, like Tomato Soup Crock Pot Cake, 7-Up Cherry Cobbler, Chicken Wings with Beer and Peanut Butter, Pork n’ Bean Bread, Cheesy Chocolate Fudge, Kool-Aid Barbecue Pork Ribs and Popcorn Salad. 

Inside, you'll find more than 90 tasty recipes for beverages, soups, salads, breads, sauces, main dishes, side dishes, sandwiches and desserts. You'll want to try them all! Book Size: 5.5” X 8.5”, paperback, 76 pages. ISBN 978-0-9802244-1-2  Price: $7.95

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